Back in 2016 when choosing the logo for my business, dragonflies were simply an intriguing animal. As far as I was aware they were pretty insubstantial creatures who flit from one thing to another.  As I deepened my research, I realised I couldn’t be more wrong! Let me tell you why and how I came to realise dragonflies were the perfect fit for what I aim to offer.

On the surface

Dragonflies are an intriguing animal. They can move at incredibly high speeds, hover like a helicopter, fly backwards like a hummingbird, fly straight up, down and on either side. All this while flapping their wings a mere 30 times a minute. As initial research goes, this sounded promising as the figure for our logo. It displays speed, efficiency and flexibility.

As a business which is part of old of the oldest professions, I wanted something that screamed resilience. Dragonflies have survived for almost 300 million years. To me, that seemed like it satisfied my criteria. And whilst we’re on the topic of figures, dragonflies have a full 360 degrees vision. They’re able to see absolutely everything around them, with no problem at all. Clarity in business is what I strive to achieve for my clients. Enabling the company to see a complete picture, which can then act as a spearhead for a more successful business strategy.

Magically intriguing

The wings and body of the dragonfly are iridescent. Appearing to morph and adjust when viewed from alternate positions. This perspective change sheds new light on a subject, allowing the overall matter to become clear. Another angle or a fresh set of eyes uncovers both issues and resolutions which may otherwise be overlooked. Stemming from years of accountancy experience, this same perspective shift for businesses is a target of mine.

A symbol of Change

As I revamped my business, I wasn’t looking to provide what others already do. I wanted to adapt to the current environment. I wanted to offer a unique service to benefit those in the situation I was 10 years ago: starting out as a new business, trying to figure out how all the different parts fit together. It all worked out for me, but in 2017 I was ready for change. And that is exactly what struck me most about the dragonfly. In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly is a symbol of change in one way or another. Change in self-realisation, change in maturity, change in understanding. It’s what I was looking for, and so immediately I related to this insect..

What I once thought of as insignificant, became a symbol of self-realisation, power, agility and change. I was ready to take that next step and was now armed with the perfect symbol for what I strived to provide.