Why we love dragonflies

Back in 2016 when choosing the logo for my business, dragonflies were simply an intriguing animal. As far as I was aware they were pretty insubstantial creatures who flit from one thing to another.  As I deepened my research, I realised I couldn’t be more wrong! Let...

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Don’t hang around waiting for payment – time is money

Time is Money Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve completed a piece of work, and the client is taking such a long time to pay? Yep, as small businesses we’ve all been there. But why does this happen at all? Why should the topic of payment be a difficult...

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8 Top tips for an informative new year

8 Top tips for an informative new year.   With the new accountancy year for many self-employed businesses starting on 6th April, this time of year can come as a relief for many. Tax-returns have been submitted, accounts are likely more organised than ever before, and...

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