30 years of supporting small businesses

Serving small businesses with accountancy support and advice

All about me

In recent years I have been on a journey to discover the best way to serve small businesses in the UK.   I built a successful business looking after the tax and statutory accounting requirements of local small businesses.  But I was becoming increasing frustrated at the way compliance issues were stopping me from truly helping my clients.  The business was too often focused on the past and dealing with the increasing regulations and legislation, which meant there was no time to look at issues of the here and now, and of the future.  I wanted to help businesses grow and focus on the future, but the accountancy practice was not the forum from which to do this.   I sold the practice and moved into a growing international company as their FD.  But this limited me to just one business and I became aware that this was not the role for me. 

Then in 2017, I met some wonderful heart centred businesses at a weekend conference on sales.  This changed the whole direction of my thinking, here were business people who had vision, purpose and passion.  These were the clients I wanted to work with.  I knew from talking with them that they had trouble with their accounting procedures and worried that they didn’t know where to start or what options to choose.   I knew I could help and I knew then that I had found my purpose and passion.   Blue Dragonfly was born.

Angela Turton BD, FCA

My Credentials

I am an acknowledged expert in small business accounting processes and I have transformed the accounting of many businesses allowing them the space to grow.  My clients value me for my sound, client centred advice and flexible, always professional approach.

I have worked with million £ international companies, high growth start-ups and many owner managed businesses.  My work has often proved a catalyst for change and growth in many of my clients.  

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and have spent 30 years working with small businesses in the South East of England.    

I own my own business and understand how difficult it is to balance all the demands on your time.