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Blue Dragonfly Consulting Limited was set up out of a desire to help small businesses avoid the mistakes so common in the SME marketplace.

Business owners have many demands on their time and client facing work often takes priority with business tasks being relegated to down times, evenings and weekends.  Working long hours and getting small return is a common complaint. At all stages of business, the successes and disappointments are the responsibility of the business owner who often will not have anyone who can celebrate or commiserate with them.   It can be lonely in business.

There is a better way.  What would it feel like to have a business that rewards you for the work you do, that enables you to do your thing for clients you love working with and works around your personal priorities?

Let me show you how I can help you achieve that.


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Confidence for Start-ups

When you are setting up your business there are many things to think about.  I can help walk you though the things you need to do to ensure your business starts properly.  

Our Safe-Start programme will cover:

  • Advice on the most suitable structure for your business;
  • Advice on VAT and payroll requirements;
  • Strategy setting and building a 12-month plan;
  • Help with the set-up of accountancy software and bookkeeping systems.

Additionally, we can help prepare a business plan, cashflow or budget.

Mentoring and
Coaching services for scale-ups

Once you have been in business for a while, you may be concerned that your business is not fulfilling its potential or having reached your initial goals you want to reach further. 

Do you need someone with extensive experience to talk to, to bounce ideas about or to hold you to account?  Someone who can help spark ideas or challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs.

Or do you will need help with formulating a business plan or moving your business to the next level.  If you want to grow your business to the next level then we can help you to identify strategic goals, assess how to get there from where you are, brainstorm the options and then help you to draw up a plan of action.  I will hold you to account and celebrate with you when you have reached your goal.   

That is why I offer two levels of service – monthly mentoring sessions or fortnightly coaching and planning sessions and the ability to switch between the two as business needs dictate. 


Accountancy firms

As an expert in small business accounting systems I can help get your clients ready for MTD,  working with small firms who do not have the knowledge or time to assist their clients to move to a digital accounting platform.  We can help you develop your MTD strategy and assist you in the implementation.  Having run a local accountancy practice we can understand your problems and your client’s needs.

Virtual Financial Director

If you are a fast growing small business who is constantly being taken by surprise in your business or lurching from one cashflow crisis to anyother, you could probably do with some help from someone who understands business finance, accounting and how to resolve financial challanges.    Employing a full time Finance Director is an investment beyond most SMEs.  We work with you on an ad-hoc or permanent part-time basis helping you move your business from chaos to clarity and allowing the business to grow with confidence.

Knowledgeable and friendly

Having Angela as an accountant for many years was so much more helpful than just having someone who ‘did my accounts’. She stretched my thinking to look at long-term viability and was instrumental in helping me shift my mindset from being a freelance consultant to a business owner. Knowledgeable and friendly – highly recommended!

– Joolz

Business and Accounting Expert

Angela has been a colleague, my accountant and a friend. I value her professional opinion, judgement and advice. I can recommend her as a knowledgeable, personable and conscientious business partner for anyone needing a business and accounting expert.

– Heather

Help me to achieve my goals

I had the pleasure of working with Angela as a client of hers and she always gave me very practical advice on a number of matters. It was all about telling me how I could achieve certain finance and tax goals I had with my business as opposed to what I can’t do which I really appreciated. Not only that, but I found Angela a great sounding board on a number of topics. I would thoroughly recommend employing and/or working with Angela.

– Richard

Calm and Sense

What can I say? In one, short conversation, Angela bought calm and sense to my financial life. I recommend Angela’s services to anyone who, like me, suffers from overwhelm around either finances or technology. Her calm, clear and confident approach helped me to feel that I would be able to master the art of online accounting.

– Karen

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