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Confidence for Start-ups

If you have just started your business and want to know what is the best way of keeping your expenses and invoicing your customers, I can help you get started properly.  No panic at tax return time, no losing sleep about recording your expenses, just confidence in your numbers


Have a healthy business by knowing your numbers, understanding which numbers are important and finding the hidden profit in your business.   When you know where the profit is, you can build your business to do the things you love with the people you want to work with.  We help you work out where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.  .

Virtual Financial Director

If you are a fast growing small business who is constantly being taken by surprise in your business or lurching from one cashflow crisis to anyother, you could probably do with some help from someone who understands business finance, accounting and how to resolve financial challanges.    Employing a full time Finance Director is an investment beyond most SMEs.  We work with you on an ad-hoc or permanent part-time basis helping you move your business from chaos to clarity and allowing the business to grow with confidence.

Accountancy firms

As an expert in small business accounting systems we can help get your clients ready for MTD,  working with small firms who do not have the knowledge or time to assist their clients to move to a digital accounting platform.  We can help you develop your MTD strategy and assist you in the implementation.  Having run a local accountancy practice we can understand your problems and your client’s needs.

Knowledgeable and friendly

Having Angela as an accountant for many years was so much more helpful than just having someone who ‘did my accounts’. She stretched my thinking to look at long-term viability and was instrumental in helping me shift my mindset from being a freelance consultant to a business owner. Knowledgeable and friendly – highly recommended!

– Joolz

Business and Accounting Expert

Angela has been a colleague, my accountant and a friend. I value her professional opinion, judgement and advice. I can recommend her as a knowledgeable, personable and conscientious business partner for anyone needing a business and accounting expert.

– Heather

Help me to achieve my goals

I had the pleasure of working with Angela as a client of hers and she always gave me very practical advice on a number of matters. It was all about telling me how I could achieve certain finance and tax goals I had with my business as opposed to what I can’t do which I really appreciated. Not only that, but I found Angela a great sounding board on a number of topics. I would thoroughly recommend employing and/or working with Angela.

– Richard

Calm and Sense

What can I say? In one, short conversation, Angela bought calm and sense to my financial life. I recommend Angela’s services to anyone who, like me, suffers from overwhelm around either finances or technology. Her calm, clear and confident approach helped me to feel that I would be able to master the art of online accounting.

– Karen

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